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Rotary Joints & Unions

Rotary joints, also referred to as rotating unions and precision unions, are mechanical seals that connect rotating cylinders to fixed piping to transport steam, water, thermal oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, and other media into and out of the roll.

Flexible Metal Hose

Rotary Union Accessories

Rotary union accessories include flexible metal hose, sight flow indicators, and syphon elbows. Flexible metal hose is for use as inlet and outlet connections to Kadant rotary unions, sight flow indicators provide visual observation of liquid and non-hazardous gas flows, and syphon elbows are used with rotary steam unions to remove condensate from the roll.

Vacuum Breakers

Steam Specialties

Steam specialties include steam jet thermocompressors, desuperheaters, air and steam separators, and vacuum breakers. Steam jet thermocompressors boost low pressure steam by accurately mixing low pressure steam with high pressure steam, desuperheaters reduce the temperature of superheated steam for optimal heat transfer and efficiency, air and steam separators effectively remove up to 99% of condensate and precipitate in compressed air and steam systems, and vacuum breakers relieve unwanted vacuum that may develop in a closed vessel or pipeline.


Condensate Pump Systems

Liqui-mover pumps replace conventional centrifugal pumps and motors in returning hot condensate at high pressures. The Liqui-mover pump has no motors, starters, shafts, rotating mechanical seals, or impellers, it uses steam under pressure as the motive force to lift or pump liquids.