Digital Angle Gauge Zoom

Digital Angle Gauge

Accurate Angle Setting Tool


Setting and maintaining the proper doctor or roll cleaner blade angle is critical to maximize performance. Applications include creping, coating, drum flaking, converting equipment, and many more.


· Compact, user-friendly design with LCD display
· Hand-held gauge requires minimal space to take readings
· Auto shut-off feature for extended battery life
· Reads to ± 0.10 degree


· Quick and accurate measurement for each blade position
· Reduces maintenance downtime
· Extends doctor blade life
· Improves doctor blade performance
· Angle range of 180 degrees


Product Description


    The AngleSet gauge is used to set the proper angle for doctor and roll cleaning blades to improved performance and extended blade life. In addition, using the correct blade angle can optimize roll life.

    The AngleSet gauge provides an accurate reading of the blade angle to +/- 0.10 and features a large-format LCD display. This tool's compact design allows for flexibility in application and is suitable for most applications including creping, coating, drum flaking, converting, and many  more.

    To determine blade angle, the AngleSet gauge is placed on the roll surface with the foot's center line at the point of blade contact. This establishes a tangential reference. The gauge is then placed on the doctor blade surface to measure the actual doctor blade angle. The blade angle can be read directly from the digital display without changing the orientation of the sensor with respect to the housing.

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