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BladeShark Blade Removal Tool


The BladeShark doctor blade extractor is intended for safe and easy removal of the blade. The tool was designed so as the pull force increases the grip force increases. It is robust, modular, and rugged enough for mill usage.


· Exceptionally rugged design
· Minimal moving parts that can break down
· Hardened “teeth” on shark jaw for aggressive bite on blade material
· Integrated impact hammer for additional force
· Can accommodate blade thickness up to 0.250” (6.35 mm)


· Operator safety
· Remarkably effective for stubborn blades
· Significantly reduces blade change time
· Robust design can withstand abuse

Product Description


    How does it work?

    Once the BladeShark doctor blade extractor bites down on the doctor blade material with its hardened teeth, the adjustable handle can be turned to further increase the bite and ensure that it will not let go. The impact hammer provides extra force when required, especially for blades that are extremely stuck. The operator can accomplish all of this safely outside of the machine while keeping hands away from the sharp blade.

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