Type TSF Zoom

Type TSF

Available in sizes: 1” to 3”
Body connections: Flanged, Class 150
Pressure rating: 150 psig (10 bar)
Temperature rating: 365° F (185° C)

Price From: $468.60

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Price From: $468.60
Product Description


    Kadant Johnson sight flow indicators are engineered to provide visual observation of liquid and gas flows. Designed for use with rotary joints and other applications requiring observation of flow through pipelines, Kadant Johnson sight flow indicators are available from ⅜” to 4” with threaded and flanged options.

    · Ductile iron construction
    · Heavy duty Pyrex® glass or equal
    · Special transparent-type Mica liners available

    · Minimal pressure drop
    · Minimal flow resistance
    · High visibility of flow
    · Operating pressures up to 150 psig

    Type TSF

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