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RX Rotary Union

Engineered reliability for demanding applications.
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Price From: $221.20
Product Description


    The RX® rotary union uses a balanced seal with special ball bearing or optional tapered roller bearings to support the rotor. This rotary union incorporates the latest technology in mechanical seal design for water and thermal oil service. The high thrust load capability and carbon-to-silicon (or Tungsten) carbide seal package makes the RX run longer and with less maintenance requirements that other ball bearing designs. All O-rings are fully captured in glands and seal-loading springs do not contact the process fluid. The RX rotary union features a barrier in the seal chamber to extend bearing life and a nipple and assembly plate made of stainless steel.

    · Springs located outside the flow area
    · Stainless steel rotor
    · Two-piece housing, on-machine seal replacement
    · O-rings fully captured in glands
    · Balanced seal assembly
    · Full flow area
    · Matched seal faces
    · Bearing isolation system available
    · Tungsten carbide counterseat

    · Improved reliability, increased flow area
    · Corrosion resistant
    · Reduced down-time and cost of maintenance
    · Robust design, no risk of o-ring slipping
    · Extended operating life
    · Low pressure drop
    · Materials selected for specific service
    · Increased bearing protection
    · Added toughness and shock resistance

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