Kadant Inc.


Rotary Joints for Steam and Thermal Oil

Rotary unions for steam and thermal oil service come in many configurations and models. These rotary unions feature two widely spaced carbon-graphite guides which provide internal support for the rotary union, extend operating life, and maintain alignment. Rated up to 650° F, 300 psig, and 550 RPM.

Rotary Unions for Water

Rotary unions for water service are supported by two widely-spaced, anti-friction bearings, capable of intermittent dry running, and have the balance seal-loading springs located outside the flow area to minimize potential for fouling. Rated up to 500°F, 200 psig, and 3,500 RPM.

Coolant Unions

Rotary unions for coolant service are high-performance, high-precision rotary unions. Designed for speeds up to 50,000 RPM and pressures up to 3,600 psig in sizes ranging from ¼” to ⅝”.

Air & Steam Separators

Air and steam separators use expansion, change in direction, and filtration to effectively remove up to 99% of the precipitate in compressed air and steam systems. Range in sizes from ⅜” to 4” and available in threaded or flanged connections with pressure ratings up to 300 psig.

Sight Flow Indicators

Sight flow indicators provide visual observation of liquid and non-hazardous gas flows. Available with ductile iron bodies in sizes ⅜” to 4” with threaded or flanged connections.

Vacuum Breakers

Vacuum breakers provide a simple, dependable way to relieve unwanted vacuum that may develop in a closed vessel or pipeline. Range in sizes from ⅜” to 1 ½” and are available in stainless steel and brass materials.

Quick Connect Drive Coupling

The patent pending TorqueSafe™ drive coupling is used to quickly and safely connect and disconnect rotary unions from fluid transfer lines without the use of tools. It can be used with steam and other fluids and can handle up to 20 ft/lb (27 Nm) of torque.